How to properly arrange and decorate the entrance hall?

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Regardless of its size, the entrance hall of a home, like the entrance to a business, restaurant or hotel, is a very important area of ​​a building.

It is these few square meters that will “announce the color”, give a first impression and arouse the first emotions in the host or the visitor to the place, in particular, but also in the inhabitants of these places!

If it is important to take care of your entrance for the image that you want to give to those around you or to your customers, it is just as essential to do it for yourself, to create positive feelings in yourself as soon as you we pass the step of his door.

And since my goal is also to give you as much inspiration as possible to improve your home sweet home, here are some ideas to pick from to take care of your entrance hall.

As with all spaces in the house, the entrance hall must be thought of in terms of look but also, or even above all, functionality!

A buffer zone between the interior and the exterior, the entrance hall must fulfill several functions and therefore be properly equipped.

If space permits or if a new construction or renovation involving bespoke carpentry is envisaged, we will of course consider integrating an “invisible” dressing room which will accommodate the jackets and accessories of the whole family.

This makes it possible to reduce clutter and to consider, for lovers of minimalism, a refined and therefore soothing entrance hall.

Not everyone is so lucky, so let’s take a look at the fortunately numerous solutions for creating a modest entrance hall.

What color should you choose for your entrance hall?

As already explained above, we only have one chance to make a good first impression. And in our entrance hall, color will play a big role. I therefore advise you to choose it carefully, depending on the other nuances already present in your home but also depending on the atmosphere and the style you want to give.

To give you an idea, the blue associated with the luminous white will give a fresh and soothing effect to your hallway. These colors evoke a cozy, elegant and timeless atmosphere.

A style that is becoming modern again is the yellow wall. Walls painted in shades of light yellow will imbue your hallway with warmth and energy and optimize light as well as space. The freshness of lemon yellow is invigorating, and can give you a boost in the event of a gloomy day. Pair it with white painted finishes and natural wood furniture for a fresh, summery feel.

If you are more for a strong impact that will impress your guests as soon as they arrive in your hall, I advise you to try a contrast between a dark raspberry, a plum, or a purple for your hallway, with furniture and skirting boards. a dazzling white.

What layout to install in your entrance hall?

In the decor, it’s not just the paint on your wall that counts. The layout is also very important. Let’s start with the installation of your first hallway cabinet: the shelf. This piece of furniture will be of great importance not only in the decoration of your space, if you have the space, but will be very quickly appreciated because it is practical. Indeed, it will be of great importance in storage.

It’s up to you to opt for designer furniture or not, depending on the decor. Here are some ideas for designing an entrance hall with a storage unit:

Here are some other design tips for a colorful entrance hall:

If you have a small hallway or entrance hall, as one might have in an apartment, try to avoid dark colors as much as possible such as black, dark blue, … We may not always

know , but the size is also important in the choice of colors. So for a small entrance, choose light colors like white, cream or gray. In addition, they combine perfectly with wooden storage furniture.

Don’t put pastel colors aside too quickly. They have the advantage of bringing a colorful note to the room by giving a brighter rendering to the space. As well as to give an impression of openness, it is preferable that the ceiling or the floor be white.

Conversely, if your entrance hall is large, you will have more choices to put the color of your choice. I advise you all the same to avoid tone on tone. Even if your hallway is dark and tone-on-tone is in a light shade to make the room brighter, the lack of contrast would stand out a little too much and give the impression of a lack of dynamism.

In this case, opt for a more vibrant color to make your space more user-friendly. A hall is a place of passage, which means that it is a space where you can try things, especially if this room is large and bright. If you have this chance, why not dare to use orange on a wall which will add a touch of vitality and originality to your decoration. Or, if you are less daring, the raspberry red that you put on a whole section of the wall and associate it with a neutral color like an off-white in order to harmonize the place.

Which colors to choose for a modern entrance hall?

Sapphire blue is very trendy for a modern house or apartment. Associated with the golden reflections of ocher yellow, it transforms your entrance hall into a space as luxurious as a palace hall.

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