How to decorate a modern house?

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To furnish or decorate a modern or contemporary house, you have to find the right objects because you will not decorate a modern house like an old house or a rustic house. The choice of furniture , lighting , decorative objects, wall coverings , everything will be important. We have selected for you some ideas from the modern decoration trend books for your home.

The decorative elements to favor in a modern house

Choose trendy furniture and accessories (example: if you are building a modern kitchen, with a large surface area, opt for the modern kitchen with a central island and large polished concrete slabs on the floor, or trendy parquet );

Play on volumes : modern or contemporary houses can have beautiful surfaces and large volumes where you can arrange a modern mezzanine or decorate in the “loft” style  ;

An architect’s house can play on the volumes but also on the large glazed surfaces and the open living spaces: these large volumes are used by choosing the appropriate interior decoration (example: choosing XXL size paintings, multiplying the large green plants, opt for large corner lounges in soft fabric or leather);

If the volumes are more limited, the choice of a trendy decoration like the Scandinavian decoration is just as suitable and is perfectly suited to a modern or contemporary home.

Industrial decoration fits quite well for all modern interiors and if you have a house with red bricks, even better!

Take advantage of the advantages of a modern house which most often has large openings and therefore perfect light as well as large volumes of rooms to arrange your interior so as to take advantage of these benefits!

Modern or contemporary house, if you lack ideas for its layout or to arrange your rooms, it can be very useful to seek advice from an interior designer and/or a decorator .

Some do not hesitate to seek the help of a home staging company (real estate valuation) if they have a property to arrange before it is put up for sale or to make a rental investment . If your modern or contemporary home needs to be designed professionally, do not hesitate to entrust it to this type of service provider.

Some key tips for decorating your modern home

As with any home, the choice of dominant colors is important for the decoration of a contemporary home. Often, however, we will favor white which has many advantages: bright, we get less tired of this neutral tone and we can use colors for upholstery to contrast with this white. It also lends itself to hanging modern frames, without giving an overly busy appearance.

If you have few frames to hang or just one or two shelves, you can afford to make a section of wall in a bright color of your choice and opt for the trendy colors of the moment (foliage green, terracotta, etc. )

Do not hesitate to insert them here or there, in the blind spots of one or other of your rooms because, even if they have a classic connotation, these objects go perfectly well with a modern home decoration . and give it a certain cachet.

As in discotheques and other party and meeting places, it is not uncommon to find a bar in a modern house as well as furniture and accessories reminiscent of festive evenings with a worked staging (with good lighting and armchairs to relax).

Large spaces and light

Contemporary houses , as we have seen, or modern houses such as the designs of architect houses, often have large bay windows bringing a lot of natural light to your rooms which are often of large surface area. This is the opposite of rustic houses which often have small windows, little natural light and very partitioned rooms. We will therefore choose the furniture, for example, according to the size of the rooms so as not to end up with a small sofa, lost in the center of a large room.

In a kitchen that wants to be modern, we can perfectly mix a wall of red bricks with a slightly old look and ultra modern and trendy kitchen furniture to obtain a very nice effect. On the floor, a gray or beige waxed concrete is also an original idea for a modern house. We will not hesitate, if the configuration of the rooms allows it, to add a glass roof to this modern kitchen to open the kitchen onto a contemporary dining room .

Choose sobriety for your floors

The major trends for flooring in contemporary homes are: light-coloured parquet, tiles, stone slabs, vinyl or waxed concrete . Although the sobriety of the materials and colors (grey, beige, white) is there, you can perfectly add a beautiful modern rug in a bright color later in a room, if you find that your floor is too austere!

These flooring materials are perfect for pairing with the most commonly seen construction materials in contemporary homes such as glass , wood or metal as well as lacquer paints on the walls.

Whether it’s an old house or a modern house, the decoration should reflect your personality and not be a carbon copy of a decoration magazine. You must bring a little of yourself, even if you are inspired by ideas that you have taken here or there from websites or magazines. The major trends of the moment can therefore be taken up and adapted to your personal taste.

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