4 Ways Veneered Doors Elevate Interior Design

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Veneer is a thin layer of aesthetic hardwood attached to plain surfaces like plywood or fibreboard cores with the help of an adhesive to give a wooden effect to the surface. Not actually wood, but veneers provide a feel and look just like wood and are 0.6mm to 3mm thick, depending on the type of veneer being used.

Veneered doors are an excellent choice to make your home aesthetically appealing and give a shiny and natural finish to your interior. They are cheaper and help you achieve that solid wood door look without having to spend a fortune. Veneered doors are known to be durable and lucrative. These doors are robust and, when designed with high-quality veneers, last for a long time. They do offer a smaller number of colour selections in comparison to laminate doors.

Although choosing the correct veneered door designs, colours, and patterns is extremely crucial if you are looking to enhance your home décor and interior.

In this article, we bring to you 4 ways in which veneered doors elevate your home’s interior designs.

1. Elegant:

Veneered doors add a beautiful element to your doors and enhance the appearance of your interiors. They make your space more attractive and not artificial.

They introduce class and elegance to your living area, and you can choose between a variety of styles and patterns, like textured wallpaper. You can go for a cohesive look and create a unified aesthetic by choosing the same patterns that go along with your furniture. To create a contrasting look, try experimenting with different tones to break the monotony.

2. Easy to Maintain and Durable:

You would think that pretty aesthetics come with a lot of effort to keep your veneered doors clean, or else they will not last long. But you would be surprised to know that along with easy maintenance, veneered doors last longer than almost all other wooden doors.

Veneered doors shield themselves from water, dirt, and stains and do not require rigorous cleaning to provide longevity. Using a damp microfiber towel to clean every once in a while and polishing them once or twice a year is all you need to do to maintain their shine and looks.

Along with providing a beautiful element to your home, these act as an additional layer and provide strength and structure. These doors shield themselves from water, dirt, and stains and, along with aesthetics, ensure structural rigidity.

3. Sustainable and Non-Toxic:

Using veneered doors means that a smaller number of trees are used and are convenient to recycle. Natural wood products indicate an eco-friendly choice of creating just the perfect veneered door for your home.

Being from a natural source ensures that there are no toxic or hazardous materials involved. Adhesives used in these doors are ensured to be non-toxic as well and do not release any volatile and harmful compounds into the air, making it a perfect choice for your family and home.

4. Patterns and Types:

Different grain patterns of veneers help create a warm and natural feel. Various grains result from different cuts of wood. Veneer wood patterns typically include plain, rift, quilted, rift, and quarter-sliced grain. These wood patterns add just the right amount of vintage look and subtle warm tones to your interiors.

Door veneers are popular and are a fantastic addition to enhance your living space and provide that natural look instead of the artificial look that laminate doors give. Century Ply’s veneers offer a fine range of high-quality veneers that are long-lasting and create beautiful veneered doors within India. We are committed to providing the best and are at the forefront of innovation, which helps us design trending and contemporary statements.

Contact us today to start your journey with us, and we will help you with the bestveneered doordesigns that will perfectly align with your interiors and living space. Add luxury to your life with CenturyVeneers.

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