How to maintain your dining room chairs?

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In leather or fabric, your dining room chairs, you intend to keep them in good condition as long as possible. Used daily, they are subject to wear and tear and can easily get dirty and stained. Here are some tips and tricks to properly maintain your chairs and keep their shine.

What precautions should you take to protect your chairs on a daily basis?

No matter what your chairs are upholstered in , one of the first things to consider in prolonging their lifespan is their location. If you want to preserve their color, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight. Bright or dark colors in particular may fade over time. Leather chairs will tend to dry out due to UV and heat. This is why it is also recommended not to install them near a radiator, a stove or a fireplace at the risk of their leather cracking.

What you can also fear when using your chairs on a daily basis are tasks, especially when you have children or live with animals. In this case, you can always cover your chairs with a cover that you just have to put in the washing machine. Otherwise, the maintenance of your chairs will be carried out according to their coating . Leather or fabric, each has its own specificities to eliminate impurities!

In any case, be sure to protect the legs of your dining room chairs, whether wooden or metal.   Also do a product test on an invisible part of your furniture to check that the coating supports the treatment and that the colors do not bleed, especially in the case of a two-material or two-tone chair.

Clean and detach fabric chairs

Natural or synthetic, the fabric is a material sensitive to stains and odors. If it attracts less dust than leather upholstery, the fabric of a chair will more easily absorb liquids or grease. To prevent stains from penetrating deeply, you can use a stain-repellent product specifically designed to make fabrics waterproof. So your chair should be less messy. You can also choose a fabric chair called “microfiber”. Thanks to its ultra-tight spinning, this material prevents liquids from penetrating deeply. Easy to maintain, these chairs are more resistant and will allow you to enjoy the softness of their velvet touch for a long time.

To clean your fabric chairs on a daily basis, a simple vacuum is enough. Rags tend to streak and harsh vacuum cleaner brushes should be avoided on chenille fabrics and corduroys.

For in-depth maintenance of your chairs, we recommend three methods. It will obviously be necessary, beforehand, to check on the maintenance instructions whether they tolerate cleaning with water or dry:

use a steam cleaner that removes impurities and stains thanks to the steam that penetrates deeply. All you have to do is rub gently with a cloth. spray water with black soap. Perfect for removing food stains! To avoid creating halos, apply the solution to the entire chair and rub gently in the stained areas. Absorb excess moisture and allow to air dry. spray dry foam. Once it has acted, all you have to do is dab the fabric with a soft cloth and vacuum up the excess with a vacuum cleaner.

To disinfect, deodorize or revive the colors of your chairs, discover even more tips and advice in our article dedicated to upholstery fabrics .

Maintain and recover leather chairs

On a daily basis, leather chairs can simply be cleaned with a chamois leather or a soft cloth. Once dusted, you can, from time to time, pass a slightly dampened cloth over your chairs, making circular movements so as not to damage the leather. Do not forget to dry it with a soft cloth!

Sensitive to liquids which can cause halos, leather is also very reactive to atmospheres that are too dry. To avoid cracking, it should therefore be moisturized regularly. In order to protect this noble material which tends to acquire a patina over time, we advise you to massage the leather of your chairs with a special leather product , two to three times a year.

In the event of a stain, such as for a fabric chair, remove the substance as quickly as possible to avoid spreading it and penetrating the leather. In the same way as to detach a leather sofa , you can use white clay stone or Sommières earth.

Here’s what to make your chairs look like new! And if they really have had their day, go to L’Ameublier stores to renew the furniture in your dining room  !

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