Find a good plumber: 12 tips for choosing the right one

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Clogged toilets, leaky shower, siphon to be replaced, etc. There are many reasons why you might want to hire a plumbing company. Want to refer to the yellow pages for a list of plumbers? Be careful, the best craftsman is not necessarily the closest to you!

When looking for a plumber, how can you be sure you are dealing with a good professional? How to choose an honest and cheap plumber? Follow our anti-scam recommendations!

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1. It was recommended to you

Relying on word-of-mouth, following the recommendation of a person who has already called on a specific professional , and who is satisfied with his work, is an excellent avenue. However, be careful if it is a large corporation and not an individual convenience store, as they may change personnel and change their policies.

2. It is part of a reliable network

Some plumbers are part of an approved network , such as the Qualibat organization or the UMGCCP , which guarantees their reliability. For this, the licensed plumber must absolutely follow a strict line of conduct, demonstrating rigor, respect and honesty. Do not hesitate to check on the site of the network announced if the company is really part of it.

Also, platforms for connecting individuals and plumbing professionals, like MesDé, ensure the seriousness of their partners.

To join the MesDé network, professionals are subject to an in-depth recruitment process and must commit to always respecting our Quality Charter .

3. It is endorsed by a recognized brand

If one of your plumbing fixtures is broken, find out about its brand, which is almost always indicated on the device, and contact the latter’s customer service . Major plumbing brands usually have licensed repairers and installers .

4. He respects his commitments

During your first contact, the professional must be able, by telephone, to give you an idea of ​​the cost of his intervention for a simple operation. Then, after a visit, he must make a commitment by sending you an estimate . Also, the indicated response time must be respected . In case of delay, a good repairman will contact you to let you know.

5. He does not immediately propose to “change everything”

If you have little knowledge of plumbing, or if your problem is particularly technical, some stakeholders can easily take advantage of it. A serious plumber must take the time to analyze the problem and seek the best solution, which is not necessarily the most expensive.

6. He charges reasonable prices

The total amount of the invoice must include travel expenses, the cost of labor and materials . A good professional knows the cost of his equipment and can therefore accurately assess the price of replacing equipment . To check if this weighs heavily on your quote (and potential invoice), ask the service provider for the price difference if you opt for another type of material or another brand.

7. It has the required hardware

A good plumber should arrive at your home with all the necessary tools  and should have the most common spare parts in their vehicle. If the repair proves to be complex and requires the ordering of specific parts, he should be able to install a temporary replacement system for you.

Also, if it is an emergency repair, which must be the subject of a more substantial intervention, take the time to have several quotes drawn up .

Finally, whatever the scale of the intervention, the plumber must preserve the aesthetics of your equipment , by using the appropriate tools and putting in place the necessary coverings.

8. He is ready to return the defective equipment to you

When in doubt, it is always wiser to recover the allegedly defective parts; you may have to have them appraised if you had a dispute with the plumber who came to your home.

9. He draws up an estimate and an invoice

Know that making an estimate is mandatory above 150 euros . The latter must be clear, detailed and without unpleasant surprises. The quote must also include certain mandatory elements . Finally, if it is an emergency intervention, it will be a question of an “invoice estimate” and not of two separate documents.

💰 A payment is made against invoice: the contact details of the convenience store must appear clearly on the quote and on the invoice.

10. He gives you details over the phone in an emergency

In the event of an emergency, the repairman must ask you questions by telephone, in order to understand the nature of your problem, and must be able to give you, right now, some details in relation to your case. Be aware that urgency is the only reason the plumber could legally not give you a written quote. In this specific case, this is not synonymous with dishonesty.

11. He is at your service

The professional must be courteous, because he is there to help you . He must give you advice on use and safety, and must not do additional plumbing work without notifying you. Ask questions: he must be able to give you clear explanations in accessible language.

12. He does not take advantage of “difficult” situations

The times most conducive to scams are at night and/or on weekends. A good convenience store should tell you when its intervention is increased , because of the schedule of your call, and should ask you if you want to wait

A leak in your kitchen on a Sunday afternoon? The MesDé pros intervene without surcharge in the evening and on weekends!

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